Continental E-Market Space

The continental Agribusiness eMarketSpace is a virtual market space for Business, Research and Extension in Africa to interact. The e-marketspace provides researchers, policy makers and enterprises in the agriculture and agribusiness sector to increase value chain specific investments, and market entry solutions. The platform also aims to strengthen systemic capacity of users that will increase technology access to women, youth, and other vulnerable groups.

The platform specifically supports research bodies, governments, extensionists, universities, and businesses with access to knowledge and technologies. Most important is to facilitate discussions across former silo barriers which is necessary for unlocking the full potential of agriculture in Africa by bringing the main players together.

Benefits of the e-marketspace

  • Provide an opportunity for assessing capacity gaps to allow partners develop products that can address the gaps.
  • Establishment of multistakeholder partnerships for co-creation of knowledge.
  • Increased capacity to specialize in high value and high profit niche markets in Africa.
  • Decreased product losses due to guided access to quality partnerships and agri-business networks.
  • Potentially new products developed.
  • Potentially new markets developed across the continent leading to increased profits.
  • Increased capacity for adoption of new technologies, machines, and equipment.
  • Improved learning and sharing among actors leading to improved value creation.

Services offered.

  1. Business to Business (Agribusiness Exhibitions)
  2. Research to farmers
  3. Government to Business
  4. Research to Business

If you are an investor, a financial institution or development organization please email [email protected] to receive further information.

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