A moderated roundtable for industry leaders, investors, and governments to interact on developing laws and regulations as well as tax regimes that will ensure ease of doing business within their specific countries.

The continental eMarketSpace will also provide public institutions with the opportunity to promote countries as investment destinations and showcase specific agricultural investment opportunities. The intention also allows industry leaders and policy makers to interact on overcoming policy-related constraints and the policy reforms needed to position the continent to take advantages of emerging agri-business opportunities (conversations are carried out through moderated Discussion Group forums).

Governments pitching opportunities in the country session.

Each country is provided with a platform to present investment opportunities. The platform consists of the following.

  • A short description of research and technologies being developed and scaled in your country.
  • A short generic description on your country as an agribusiness investment destination. 
  • A compendium of investor-ready agribusinesses
  • Case studies of successful investments 
  • A question-and-answer section

How to engage?

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