Business to Business (Agribusiness Exhibitions / Advertising Space)

Business selection criteria

Qualification Criteria

  • Sector: Agribusinesses with a clear link to smallholder farmers. This could include, but is not limited to, companies involved in the provision of inputs, primary production, enabling (e.g., agriculture logistics, aggregation platforms, irrigation, financial services), value addition, etc.
  • Country: The enterprise must be directly active within the African continent or be planning to expand into the region in the next 12-18 months.
  • Stage of business: Post-revenue/ proof of concept with a product in the market and an existing customer base. The enterprise must have plans to scale operations in the next 12-24 months. Enterprises must have a clear business model and must also be looking for financing to grow.

Other Criteria to be Considered.

  • Youth development: Does the enterprise support youth development and employment opportunities?
  • Gender inclusion: Is the enterprise female-owned and/or managed? How does the project promote gender inclusion and employment?
  • Environmental impact: Does the enterprise promote a healthy agricultural landscape?
  • Smallholder impact: How does the enterprise promote sustainably improved production systems, increased food security, diversified economic opportunities, effective financial services, and social protection systems for smallholders?
  • Collaboration: Does the enterprise have potential or existing collaboration partnerships with researchers or NGO partners?
  • Inclusive growth: Does the enterprise enhance inclusive growth through community buy-in/engagement?
  • Technology acquisition: Does the enterprise propel the acquisition and transfer of technology to the region?

Continental eMarketSpace Value Proposition

Access to the continental eMarketSpace will provide the following benefits:

  • Allow businesses to network with investors in the agriculture ecosystem in Africa.
  • Provide links to webinars and resources to support companies in the fundraising process.
  • Enable businesses to connect, explore partnership opportunities, and share learnings with other businesses across the continent.
  • Connect with anchor buyers (e.g., beverage companies, aggregators, etc.) and explore sourcing opportunities.
  • Provide an opportunity for businesses to connect and virtually engage with ag ecosystem stakeholders and government stakeholders.

How to engage?

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