Increasing market access for produce sourced from African smallholder farmers and expanding food processing capacity on the African continent are key pillars of African agricultural transformation. Currently a projected 60% of key commodities consumed in Africa are sourced from outside of the continent.

Research innovations and technologies must therefore be accessible and affordable for the end-users (in this case, small holder farmers). This platform provides forums for researchers to interact with supply chain businesses, by providing cutting edge technological developments in Agriculture are crucial.

Female science students in a lab at the University of Harare.

How it works,

  • Facilitate establishment of partnerships and business alliances between value chain actors; researchers, extension service providers, anchor-buyers (brands, retailers, regional and domestic companies), financial service providers, farmers, and technical experts, to strengthen value chain linkages and shorten the supply chains.
  • Raise awareness on bottle necks, interventions, investments, and policy revisions to guide the decision making, policy design and programs of governments and development partners.
  • Share knowledge, capacity needs, lessons learned and new opportunities.
  • A question-and-answer section

How to engage?

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